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Oxygen cocktail - the sweetish air foam consisting of vials of oxygen, foamy substance and flavouring additives among which syrups, juice, berry juices and aerated drinks.

Them preparing in medical institutions, in kindergartens and schools, in sanatoria. Physicians have proved that the use of such cocktails influences labour productivity growth, fatigue reduction, decrease harmful environment influence. Oxygen cocktails - This inexpensive effective remedy of restoration and health maintenance, besides, it is tasty!

The cocktail use improves exchange processes in an organism (the microflora is normalised, toxins and metabolism end-products are fast deduced), improves memory, strengthens immunity, normalises a dream, improves sight. It is a natural natural way to get rid of a headache, increases endurance, is not medicamentous way of weight reduction, calms and stabilises nervous system. The oxygen cocktail positively influences cardiovascular system, normalises arterial pressure.

The oxygen cocktail is health! Especially now, when the state of environment has worsened, our organism is subject to the big loadings on work that, certainly, causes fatigue, and in the open air we happen very much and very seldom.

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