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Mr. Sandy - A Fast Food network (hot dog, oxygen cocktails, baguette, French fries ets). The business began in 1984 in United States. The family of founders of a network owns 48 points, and other points (1500 +) are opened on conditions franchise.

Mr. Sandy so for fun friends and neighbours named head of the family Weaver. And there was a company name. The company operated other fast food brands, but after time have united fast food points in one brand.

Fast food traditionally carry to harmful food, but in Mr. Sandy it could deny. Only fresh natural products!

In 2009 Mr. Sandy have changed a format and in a network to earlier created logo have added colour rectangles. Such change is connected with an active exit on the markets of other countries, in particular: Czechia, Russia, Ukraine, France. Mr. Sandy primarily sells hot dog, oxygen cocktails, baguette, French fries, soft drinks.