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More than 25 years our traditions faultlessly work in our family business of public catering. We - A successful brand which develops in the different countries. We responsibly approach to market development as family Weaver supervises business development in other cities and the countries.

We suggest you to open the fast food with a brand «Mr.Sandy®»

There are 2 traditional formats the Fast food. One of them? Stay In which a food indoors, and other format - Take Off or Street Food, assuming a food on carrying out or a food on the move assumes. The network concerns this format «Mr.Sandy®».

«Mr.Sandy®» - The family business owning exclusively 48th points, approximately on 3 points have on one full age member of a family. Thus, the total such points makes more than 1500. The secret is put in mission and the purposes «Mr.Sandy®» . On the first place business founders have put the following: to Give possibility to everyone wishing to become the high-grade businessman who is carrying out highly remunerative activity, without reception of credits in banks, without personnel hiring.

A food offered by us can be eaten at once, to eat on the move, and it is possible to bring home or in office. Consumers, certainly, prefer brands to points as product purchase in such point guarantees safety and excellent taste.

Advantages of the franchise «Mr.Sandy®»/  Are obvious:

  • Low level of an input in business
  • 1 sq. m of the rented area is enough for realisation of business and in some cases it is possible not to employ at all people
  • Business Start for 14 days
  • High profitability. The Fast food it not less than 100 % of the income from each sale.

«Mr.Sandy®» Offers some variants of start of the business mini-unit:

  • «Mr.Sandy®» Pancakes with stuffings (meat, mushrooms, a hen, fruit stuffings)
  • «Mr.Sandy®» French fries
  • «Mr.Sandy®» Hot dog
  • «Mr.Sandy®» Pizza
  • «Mr.Sandy®» Baguette
  • «Mr.Sandy®» Oxygen cocktails
  • «Mr.Sandy®» Pancakes/ French fries /HotDog/Pizza/Сocktails

We help:

  • to Choose the shop location
  • to Issue design according to a brand-beech
  • to Get the certificated firm equipment
  • to Get firm clothes for the personnel
  • to Get firm individual packing with a logo

The contact information:
1307 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto CA 94301
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